The Girl Next Door (REVIEW)

Young Meg and Susan are left in the care of Aunt Ruth after an accident takes the lives of their parents. Starting off seemingly well, the household needs time to adjust as these two girls are injected suddenly into a family full of boys and their mother. As the summer passes on it becomes apparent that Aunt Ruth has some issues. Mainly, she has a strong disliking of Meg and Susan.

Give it a Chance: Gremlins 2

I was getting ready for work today (aka flipping through the channels) when I stumbled upon Joe Dante's "Gremlins 2: The New Batch" on one of the many incarnations of HBO I have. Having not seen it in ages I decided to sit down and reminisce a bit. By the time it was over, a flood of nostalgia had washed over me along with the realization that I could not understand why people hate on this movie so much (that, and I was late for work).

It Waits (REVIEW)

In a remote national park Danielle St. Claire, a solo park ranger on Tower Duty in the back country, is drinking heavily. Danni's depressed because her best friend was killed in a drunk driving accident. What's the best way to drown out the memories of killing your best friend by being an idiot and getting behind the wheel while sauced? Drinking more booze by yourself right? I didn't think so, but Danni sure did.

Episode 6 - "The Tripper," etc.


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