Shawn Lewis

Shawn Lewis has been clothing horror fans for years with his company Rotten Cotton, and 2008 will see him jump into the world of filmmaking with his ode to Blaxploitation, "Black Devil Doll." It's all in the title of the film, so read on to find out more about the man and this peculiar project.

Follow your dreams, stick to your guns, and fuck political correctness.

What was your first ever experience with horror? How did you get hooked?

Episode 3 - Looking Ahead


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Michael Roddy

Michael Roddy is a show director for this year's Universal Halloween Horror Nights, a special Halloween event being put on by Universal Studios in Orlando. It's of special interest to horror fans this year because of the inclusion of three of Horror's biggest icons (thanks to a vaunted deal with New Line Cinema). After checking out the event recently I decided to find out a little more. Here's what I dug up.
Halloween Horror Nights

I love seeing performers stalking around the mazes in full Freddy, Jason and Leatherface costumes.

The Woods (REVIEW)

In 1965 budding bad girl Heather Faluso is in trouble once again for setting fire to a local neighborhood woods. With her crabby mother dead set on packing her off to private school to save her own social standing, the Faluso's pack up and head to the Falburn Academy. There is a problem however; while Heather's parents act and dress like the rich uppity type, in fact Mr. Faluso has some issues paying tuition. When Ms.

Frogs (REVIEW)

Jason Crockett is your consummate southern gentleman. A hardliner for the old days, he invites his children and theirs to his secluded island estate every year for his birthday. Jason has made sure to build his mansion on this island far away from the annoying people on the mainland. His estate still has its fair share of annoyances though; mainly wildlife. Unable to stand the constant noise of the filthy creatures, Jason works hard at having the local wild life poisoned so that they leave him alone. Who wants that all that pesky nature anyways? Enter Pickett Smith.

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