Horror Headlines 2/29/08

The "My Bloody Valentine" remake will be in 3-D. This officially makes 09 the year for 3-D horror, with Alexandre Aja's "Pihrana" and "Final Destination 4" also using the new eye-popping digital 3-D technology. Also of note, "Valentine" has been bumped UP from it's Friday the 13th in Feb 09 release date, to January 23rd 09.

The makers of "Untraceable" (highly unfavorable review HERE) have been kicked off of Facebook. Apparently they had started a "kill with me" page (mimicking the film) to promote the European release of the film, in which the more friends signed up, the more of a torture sequence they were allowed to view. There's a little more to the story, but that's the basic gist. If only they had put that much thought into the actual film, maybe they wouldn't have to do stuff like this to create buzz for their film.

Darren Lynn Bousman, director of Saw 2-4, has joined the director lineup of NBC's horror anthology series "Fear Itself", due this summer. It should be interesting what kind of horror Bousman brings us, considering being on television should limit how much "SAW-like" stuff he can get away with.

Clips from Donkeypunch! I don't even know what to make of this film, I just like to type the name. So, Donkeypunch!

Well, it's official New Line Cinema is dead. This has been in the works for a while. Recently, they let go Robert Shaye, who had been president FOREVER and is considered by many to be the Godfather of the "Nightmare on Elm St." series. The ouster is reported to be a result of a series of bad decisions, including wasting a ton of money on his directorial debut "The Last Mimzy". Now that it's been absorbed, it should be interesting to see what comes of both the "Nightmare" and "Friday the 13th" franchises, both of which are currently owned by New Line (not to mention TCM). The actual "New Line" label will stay in tact, but all operations seem to have been swallowed by WB. We'll keep our eyes on the trends as they unfold.

The British continue their woefully antiquated attempt to censor what their public is allowed to view today, by outright banning Nick Palumbo's "Murder Set Pieces" (Review). I'm assuming the version they saw is not the butchered Lions Gate release that Casey did, and I do hear the film is pretty disturbing. Ah well... strike one for censorship I guess.

In Real People News: 

Two children in Australia, ages 5 and 7, watched helplessly recently as their 15 foot pet python devoured their pet dog... WHOLE. The worst part is? Knowing the way a snake's digestive system works, that dog must have just sat in the snake's stomach for at least 24 hours or so. Any guesses as to the specific ways this will screw these children up?

Of all the types of people that could break into your house, I suppose the "I just want to use your computer to look at porn" guy is the least threatening... if not the least creepiest.

On this day in history: 

1692:Sarah Good & Tituba, an Indian servant, was accused of witchcraft in Salem.

Horror Headlines 2/28/08

Kevin Tenney, writer/director of the original "Night of the Demons", is reportedly working on a remake of his 80's classic. It will
still focus on the character of "Angela" becoming possessed at a party, but will obviously be updated for modern times. As long as it features Linnea Quigley shoving a tube of lipstick inside her breast, I'll buy a ticket on opening night.

I suppose if you're going to remake a Roger Corman film, you might as well not take yourself too seriously. Find a still and poster for the low budget remake of "Attack of the Giant Leeches" at the link.

USA Today has a great interview today with Writer/Director Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko") where they discuss his career up to this point, as well a new still from his new film "The Box", actually featuring lead actors Cameron Diaz and James Marseden. The film, based
on the Richard Matheson novel, concerns a couple who recieve a box they're told contains a button that if pressed will give them 1 million dollars. The catch? If they press it, someone they DON'T know will die. Wait, what's wrong with that? Where do I press? (Gallery at BD)

"Jeepers Creepers 3" is apparently full bore into the planning stages, now that the strike is over. At the link, you can hear lots of quotes from Victor Salva trying to convince himself that this is the film people have been waiting for. Apparently, he's also holding out for a theatrical release. If he gets what he wants, I nominate Casey to review it... I can't take another one of those films.

Personally, now that I'm finally seeing some TV spots for "Shutter", it's giving off an incredibly strong vibe of "been there, done that". Now, we have two clips from the film, so you can judge for yourself. This Thai remake starring Joshua Jackson hits theaters next month.

In Real People News: 

Some stuffy British professor thinks we're not that far off from "Terminator" style autonomous robots on the battlefield. He may not necessarily be an authority on the position, but that's still enough to convince me it's time to hide under my couch.

You can now add "suicide" to the list of things that duct tape can help you accomplish. I'm guessing that one won't be showing up on the packaging any time soon.

On this day in history: 

1993: ATF agents storm the compound of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. The resulting fire kills everyone inside, and the incident would become known as one of thebiggest blunders in US Law Enforcement history.

Inside (REVIEW)

Casting a pregnant woman as the victim in a horror movie is so head-slappingly obvious it's odd that it hasn't been done more often. Without even establishing the slightest bit of character backstory you've got the sympathies of an audience who doesn't want to see such a vulnerable character come to harm and the element of taboo that comes with the fact that it's not just the life of a nubile young girl that's at stake- there's also a baby, the killing of which is off-limits in all but the most sadistic horror films.

Biz Does What He Do

Yo Gabba Gabba: Warping children's realities 5 days a week.

Horror Headlines 2/27/08

I'm not sure how interested I am in "American Zombie", a very "Diary of the Dead-ish" looking zombie film about zombies in Las Angeles, but the tagline on the poster is priceless. "We're here, We're dead, get used to it!". Very topical for the political season we're in right now. Check the official site here. The film will get a very limited theatrical run on March 28th.

Two strikes against the new "Grudge" film today. They've hired new actors to play the freaky woman/kid combo, and they're shooting it in only THREE WEEKS. Considering the immense dropoff in quality between the first and second films, this doesn't bode well people. Both this and the planned fourth film will be released Straight to DVD at an unknown date in the future.

I haven't seen the first DTV sequel to "Starship Troopers", but they're already getting ready to drop the next one in our laps. Check the trailer on Youtube. I am one of those that enjoyed the original film, and thinks that it never really got the credit for being the biting satire that it was. That said, this trailer actually looks decent, but I could see how it could fly off the rails. There's no release date yet, but this trailer would suggest that the film is mostly done, so I would keep a look out for this one.

BD has some disconcerting news about the sequel to Niel Marshall's "The
Descent" (Review), lazily titled "De2cent" (that's the stupidest fucking name I've ever seen). Apparently, according to their scooper, Niel Marshall won't be writing, it may not be distributed by Lions Gate in the US, and the "surviving" character from the first film will be returning. Wait, what? Did they see the original? I guess they're working off the retooled American ending and not the superior British one. If any of this ends up being true/false, we'll definitely let you know as I'll be following this one closely.

Amber Heard, the awesomely hot star of "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" has been signed on for the "Stepfather" remake. Let's all cross our fingers that she recreates the incredible shower scene in the third act. Go ahead, I'll wait while you fast forward through your old VHS copy.

In Real People News: 

I have a great idea for you. Take a trip to the Bahamas, go scuba diving, and then jump into shark infested waters that have been prepared for you by being filled with lots of bloody chum. Oh wait, that's a really shitty idea... and this Australian tourist found out the hard way.

On this day in history: 

1982: Photographer Wayne B. Williams found guilty of two counts of murder, though he is suspected of killing 22 other Atlanta area black men. Williams was caught dumping a suspicious load from atop a bridge in the middle of the night.

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