Episode 8 - "I Am Legend"


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I Am Legend (REVIEW)

In one of the opening scenes of “I Am Legend,” Dr. Robert Neville screams through the deserted streets of New York City in a pristine, racing-car-red 2008 Mustang. It’s scene that conveys the destruction wrought on that city at the hands of an apocalyptic virus. Neville, played by Will Smith, is on the hunt for deer meat, literally chasing a herd of deer that has made the gradually decaying streets of New York its home.

Santa's Slay (REVIEW)

As it turns out, the real Santa (played by Jewish wrestler Bill Goldberg) isn't the bringer of good cheer as the legends claim, but rather the son of Satan. Having lost a bet to an angel a thousand years ago (a Curling bet, no less) Santa has been forced to bring presents and merriment to the people of the world every year on Christmas. The year is now 2005, exactly 1,000 years since the bet was made, and it's time for Santa to finally bring down the reign of terror he has been waiting a millennia for.

The Girl Next Door (REVIEW)

Young Meg and Susan are left in the care of Aunt Ruth after an accident takes the lives of their parents. Starting off seemingly well, the household needs time to adjust as these two girls are injected suddenly into a family full of boys and their mother. As the summer passes on it becomes apparent that Aunt Ruth has some issues. Mainly, she has a strong disliking of Meg and Susan.

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