The Sickhouse (REVIEW)

Anna is a young archaeologist who has made the find of her career; an old hospital, built atop an even older orphanage that dates back to the times of the plague. The problem is, the powers that be fear that opening the foundations of this old orphanage could create the dawn of the plague in the new era. Turns out they were close, because something darker lurks beneath, and Anna soon starts to find connections between the orphanage and records of unexplained child deaths.

TV: Torchwood: From Out of the Rain

Episode 10 of this so far stellar second season of Torchwood lands, marking perhaps a uncharacteristic down turn of talent. For this season anyways.

Passing of a Legend

News just came across my wire that sci-fi writer Arthur C. Clarke passed away today. And when I say that he died today, I actually mean tomorrow because as crazy as it sounds, one of the finest minds in science fiction was living in Sri Lanka. So it's morning there.

The Lost (REVIEW)

This is the second Jack Ketchum movie I’ve watched in the past few months, the first one being "The Girl Next Door". Before it, I had never heard of Ketchum, but apparently he’s held in high regard in the horror community for his tortuous, homespun tales of murder and terror. Good for him, and good for the horror community. We need some new blood, so to speak.

Horror Hound Issue 10

Anyone who has been paying attention to the podcast lately, (or readers of Horror Hound) know that the latest issue has been on stands for about two weeks now. If you happen to pick it up, be sure to check out my article, on the first three films in the "Child's Play" franchise.

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