Prom Night (REVIEW)

This "Prom Night" is a remake of the 1980 film of the same name starring Jamie Lee Curtis... only, it isn't really. Our main character Donna is played by up and coming teen movie star Brittany Snow. We learn from an opening flashback that Donna ran into some trouble as a 15 year old piece of jailbait ass, after one of her teachers became a little too obsessed with her. One night a few months after being fired for his indiscretions, he breaks into Donna's home and kills her parents as she watches from the shadows.

InConJunction 2008

Attention SciFi Geeks!

On July 4th weekend, Yours truly will be an 'Also Appearing' Guest (Meaning, I don't get paid) at the InConJunction SciFi con in Indianapolis, IN!

If you're an Indy resident or there abouts, I'll be there pimping for Bloody Good and Cinema Fromage while presenting a panel on Frankenstein: Karloff to DeNiro!

So check it out!

For more info,visit the InConJunction website!


Move your dead bones bones bones....

While I agree with Eric's review of Beyond Re-Animator, I was suprised at no mention of the music video "Move Your Dead Bones" by Dr. Re-Animator. (Edit: He had a screener.)

It's easily the greatest thing to ever come out of the Re-Animator franchise. It's easily the greatest thing to ever come out of mankind in general. I play it on my radio show quite often, but I doubt too many get the reference.

Beware...the J-Screamer!

I could seriously watch two hours of this. Someone get Lionsgate on the horn!!!

Beyond Re-animator (REVIEW)

To be honest, I come into this review with a unique perspective on the "Re-animator" series as a whole. Although I dug the original, I can't help but feel that it's a bit overrated. Also, I got a hearty kick out of the first sequel "Bride of Re-animator," which is strange because I seem to be the only person in the WORLD who liked it. With that said, although it offered a few treats I was mostly disappointed with this trilogy maker.

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