Horror Headlines 4/8/08

The official site for "Repo: A Genetic Opera" has launched today. I perused it for a few minutes this morning and I have to say, very nicely designed. So, check it out at the link.

You know it's a slow news day when I'm reporting news on the latest "Starship Troopers" sequel. Click here for an interview with the film's visual effects director for some info on the film's baddies, as well as a bunch of behind the scenes photos.

Darren Arnofsky, writer/director of both "Pi" and "Requiem For a Dream", is working on a pilot for AMC called "Riverview Towers", about a family who moves into an apartment building where lots of supernatural activity is happening. The pilot is currently in the developmet stages, and has not yet been picked up.

"Zombie Strippers" is getting a limited theatrical release on April 18th. The film stars Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson. I'm guessing you won't see this at your local family theater, but those of you with seedier multiplexes in your area might have actually have a chance to check it out.

Lions Gate has made one of their smartest moves in recent memory, by changing the title of Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train" to the decidedly less gay-porny "Midnight Train". It's strange when I have to report a story about a studio actually making a good decision. Also, the film has been removed from their upcoming release docket.

In Real People News: 

Alright, I'm down with all of this "Dark Knight" viral marketing stuff, but this scientist who burned himself with acid might be trying a little too hard to emulate Harvey Dent. Oh, that was an accident? Right, sorry.

In what may be the most spectacular suicide-related story we've ever reported on, a man recently took his life by cutting off his own head with a chainsaw. No joke necessary here, just savor that mental picture for a while.

On this day in history: 

1994: Kurt Cobain's body is found 3 days after committing suicide with a shotgun.

Vague Genre Movie - Ya, that's about right

Leave it to Maddox, the owner/creator of The Best Page in the Universe, to make a pretty great spoof trailer as an indictment of all of those awful, shitty, horrible, offensive "Movie" movies that have been coming out over the last few years. And, I have to agree with the poster quoted in the trailer when he says, "I hope these guys die from some type of nutsack cancer".

Residents of Nilbog calling all short filmmakers

You may or may not know that I am a huge fan of "Troll 2", considered by many to be the worst film ever made. And if you've been paying attention, you'd also know that the film's child star is criss-crossing the country as we speak putting the finishing touches on his documentary, "Best Worst Movie", which essentially celebrates the bad-movie goodness of "Troll 2".

Megasnake (REVIEW)

Just look at that title…MEGASNAKE. It kinda says everything, don’t you think? You know that going into this, you’re not only going to see a snake, but a snake that is bigger than average, thanks to the “mega” prefix. And only one place would so proudly put that word before any type of animal…you guessed it: the Sci-Fi Channel. Is there anything they can’t, or won’t, do?

Prom Night Viral Marketing Makes Some Waves

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