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Episode 25 - "C.H.U.D."


The crew tackles the 1984 cult classic "C.H.U.D."

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Horror Headlines 4/28/08

"My Name is Bruce" finally has a release date. It will go (presumably limited) theatrical this October and then to DVD in January of 09. "Bruce", of course, is the directorial debut of Bruce Campbell which follows what happens when a town of people mistakenly think the real Bruce Campbell is a monster slayer, and recruit him to save their town. Think "Jack Brooks Monster Slayer" plus "Three Amigos" and you pretty much have the gist.

Some dude with an emo haircut who was in "Superhero Movie" has been cast in "Friday the 13th". Wow, that was exciting wasn't it? On a related note, how many god damn people are in this movie anyways?

Since Casey would be pissed if I didn't post these today, here are clips from "Beyond the Rave", Hammer studios first new film in decades. There you go, buddy!

Good news for all you Clive Barker fans out there, as the announcement was made today that another "Book of Blood" is coming our way. Barker fans rejoice!

In Real People News: 

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's daughter to be the new face of Chanel. Whatever's left of Cobain's body at this point just started spinning in it's grave.

If you're going to make a porno in a McDonalds, you should probably wait until everyone leaves. Just saying. These people didn't get very far before the police showed up.

Gas prices are threatening to destroy the economy, the presidential election is never ending and the world seems more tense by the day. Sounds like it's time for a good shark attack story to get people's minds off of it... Wait, what was I saying?

On this day in history: 

585 An unforeseen total eclipse of the sun interrupts a battle between Lydia and Media, bringing a sudden end to their six-year war.

Box Office Special - Film Festival Warm Fuzzies

The updated Horrors of 2008 spreadsheet went up a little while ago with almost no changes since last week. "The Film That Shall Not Be Named" dropped out of the top five to number six this week, and "The Ruins" officially went on death notice by falling all the way to 18. We may have as much as a month until our next wide release, so I might start digging into some of these limited releases, but today I want to talk briefly about getting your mojo back.

You too can own the Hitler Barbie!

As I've covered over and over both here and on the podcast, I am not easily offended. I generally like to air on the side of offensive with everything I do in life, so it comes as even more of a surprise that a Ukranian company actually managed to come up with something that offends me.

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