Gears of War II...Holy Shit

No words, just watch this. Jesus christ.

There he goes, there goes Speed Racer

Speed hit the wall hard this weekend box office wise. Regardless, the daughter and I went and checked out Speed Racer today and I freaking loved it. It's a little slow in the middle, but the over the top antics makes up for it. The kid they got playing Spritle is hilarious. Emile Hirsch as Speed was great, Matthew Fox as Racer X, again great, Mom & Pops, both great. And Trixi. Vroom Vroom.

Horror Headlines 5/12/08

Official trailer for "X-Files 2" is now online. I have to say I'm not a huge fanboy for this show, but hearing the theme from the show in the trailer did sort of give me chills. That, and snow just seems to make everything more dramatic, doesn't it? I still hate that title though... oh well.

Linsday Lohan is OFF "The Manson Girls". The move comes reportedly after the producers had trouble finding ANY name actors or actresses willing to be in a movie with her. Ouch, that hurts. I guess it's time to start the countdown to the Playboy spread... although she kind of already beat us to the punch, so what's next? Hardcore porn? Only time will tell my friends.

"Donnie Darko" is getting a sequel, titled "S. Darko", which will pick up with Donnie's little sister 7 years after the events of the first film. Neither the director of the original Richard Kelly or Jake Gylenhaal are returning to the film. This is sounding worse by the minute. Reportedly, the film is almost ready to begin shooting. Oh, and it co-stars the little white chick with the tight tooshy from those "Step Up 2" commercials... okay so it gets points there.

Richard Burgi will play a cop in the "Friday the 13th" remake. You'll recognize Burgi as the pseudo-alpha male in "Hostel 2", as well as a generic henchmen from season 1 of "24". In related news, there are now 300 people appearing in this film.

In Real People News: 

10 year old girl gives birth in Idaho. Thank god someone took the focus off Florida for a day, I'm sick of explaining to people that I'm not actually from here.

Okay, try to stay with me on this one. Two people are in custody today after police discovered a 90 year old woman's corpse rotting on their toilet, that had been there for TWO MONTHS. They decided to leave the corpse there after a "religious superior" told them the body would come back to life. Well ya, I mean that makes sense... right?

Another summer, more pelican face rippings. Happy swimming folks!

On this day in history: 

1932: When a truck driver stops in rural New Jersey to take a leak, he stumbles upon the badly decomposed body of the Lindbergh Baby lying in a shallow grave 45 feet from the highway.

Episode 26 - "The Orphanage"


The crew reviews the Spanish film "The Orphanage" in celebration of Mother's Day. Wait, what?

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A Boy and His Car

This is part 2 in the series, The Decade Long Stephen King Cinematic Orgy. Part 1, with an introduction is here. Spoilers ahead.

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