You too can own the Hitler Barbie!

As I've covered over and over both here and on the podcast, I am not easily offended. I generally like to air on the side of offensive with everything I do in life, so it comes as even more of a surprise that a Ukranian company actually managed to come up with something that offends me.

Apocalypse Mixtape Part III

Oingo Boingo

"No One Lives Forever"

MC Paul Barman on...Everything

MC Paul Barman is, as my good friend The Iron Sheik would put it, "a very intelligent jew." Besides being the person responsible for some of the most creative rhyming in the history of hip hop (Cock mobster/it's a porn utopia/a cornucopia/of warm fallopia/Cock mobster/my dandy voice/ makes the most anti-choice Granny's panties moist), he's got some poignant little point-lets about art, music, humor etc. It's worth a watch, and buy his new shit when it comes out. Serious!

Italian Spiderman!

What if the Giallo made it's way into the comic book movie???

Del Toro Made Official Hobbit

It seems fitting, cause he kinda looks like one!

New Line Cinema makes the official announcement that Guillermo DelToro will be the director for "The Hobbit" and it's sequel.

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