RIP John Phillip Law

John Phillip Law, the tall, steel-eyed star of numerous Italian sci-fi and action films, passed away this week at the age of 70. Law is probably best known for his role as Pygar, the blind angel love interest of Jane Fonda in "Barbarella", but cult film/Beastie Boys/MST3K fans will recognize him as the star of Mario Bava's psychedelic comic book film "Danger: Diabolik". Law also starred opposite Lee Van Cleef in the classic spaghetti western "Death Rides a Horse", a movie Quentin Tarantino liberally sto... er, borrowed from when making "Kill Bill".

The Cottage (REVIEW)

David has a dream, a dream of owning a boat. His brother Steven has a dream too, of owning their mother’s house. Neither have the money to buy what they want, but David has a plan; kidnap the daughter of a local small time crime boss and hold her for ransom! If Steven helps, David will sign off his share of mom’s house. If David succeeds, he’s got the money to buy his boat; everybody wins!

Horror Headlines 5/15/08

The guy who designed the "Cloverfield" monster will be doing the FX for the 3D remake of "Piranha", being directed by Alexandre Aja. Sounds pretty interesting to me.

David Lynch and Werner Herzog will be directing a low budget shot on video horror thriller titled "My Son, My Son". The barebones shoot is tentatively scheduled for March on the film, which centers around "a man who acts out a Sophacles play in his mind and kills his mother with a sword". Ya, that pretty much sounds like a Lynch movie to me.

After Dark Horror Films, of "8 Films to Die For" fame, has added a flick to their upcoming in house production slate. It's "Butterfly Effect 3". Um... ya. That doesn't see like a great start to me.

I'll never understand why Asian people are so obsessed with robot sex, but here we have a Phillipino film titled "Killdroid", regarding a "disturbed Goth schoolgirl who stumbles unwittingly across the remnants of a long abandoned military project designed to create an army of android killers from the processed bodies of dead soldiers. The girl takes on the mysteriously beautiful Killdroid as a lover, only to discover, too late, that its insatiable sexual appetite is inexorably linked with a need for slaughter." Wow. I don't even know what to do with that.

In Real People News: 

California judge overturns Gay Marriage ban. Meanwhile... Gas is priced higher than ever and the economy is swirling the proverbial toilet, can you guess which thing the American public is going to be up in arms about?

A woman missing 42 years found dead in front of her television. I'm guessing they didn't look for her that hard.

This Icelandic dude has the largest collection of penises in the world. Hey, when you only get a few hours of sunlight every day you've got to entertain yourself somehow, right?

Well, if you wake up one morning and your horror news isn't served up piping hot, It's because I'm under water. Guess I better invest in a snorkel.

Okay, I'm sure you're sick of celebrity news, but seriously, you have to read about how 72 year old Marlon Brando munched on grapes while banging the crap out of Heidi Fleiss. Oh, she also lives with twenty parrots in a trailer and sometimes eats their food because she can't afford any. I guarantee that will fuel your nightmares more than any movie you've seen this year.

On this day in history: 

1984: Intergender wrestling champion and conceptual comic Andy Kaufman pretends to die of lung cancer. In order to make it really convincing, Andy underwent months of radiation therapy and six weeks of psychic surgery in the Philippines.

Login is fixed!

It has come to my attention recently that people have had trouble logging in. Although I dug the fancy thickbox pop-up for the login, it appears to have created more problems than solutions, so it's no more! The login links haven't moved, they just take you to a standalone page instead of popping up.

So log in and hang with us! We love talking to each other but it's no fun without all of you lads and lasses!

In a World...

This one's been around for a while, but it's still pretty awesome. It's weird to me that these guys have actual physical bodies and aren't just disembodied voices imprisoned by the studios in some sort of Lemarchand box, eternally damned to narrate the trailer for every movie Michael Bay shits outs.

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