Box Office Special - Unassailable Iron Man

Welcome to Summer. The first real blockbuster is in the books, and boy was it a doozy. "Iron Man" scored with critics and with audiences. While number one at the box and $100 million sounds pretty good, to really understand how well the film did, it's helpful to look at some comparisons.

First, some prominent superhero films by Metacritic score:
Spider Man 2 - 83
Iron Man - 78

Horror Headlines 5/6/08

Terminator 4 is going to be PG-13. Sorry to make your head explode first thing in the morning, but it had to be done. I'm officially over the enthusiasm for this that was forced on me by everyone else.

"The Knights Templar" is about the famous holy warriors fending off an army of invading vampires. Although I'm sure they'll take liberties with the facts (vampires, after all) this concept still satisfies the history buff within me.

Three new TV spots for "The Strangers" just might be what you need to help you get over the first story. Let me know if it works. The home invasion pic starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman opens everywhere May 30th (only a few weeks away!).

In Real People News: 

Need another pick me up this morning? How about Saddam Hussein's diaries while in US custody. Apparently he thought he would get AIDs from sharing a clothesline with US soldiers. How adorable!

I'm no genius, but when a Priest gets caught having sex with inmates he's visiting, sending him to prison seems kind of like a vacation, doesn't it? That just seems like bad business.

Man flips off police officer, turns around to pop a wheelie, and then crashes his bike. This was all after he (presumably) screamed, "screw you bacon!"

On this day in history: 

1937: Zeppelin Hindenberg explodes at Lakehurst NJ, leaving 36 dead and others seriously burned. The video of the Zeppelin crashing may be the world's first viral video, and spawned the infamous line, "Oh the humanity!"

Mario Kart Wii

Last week saw the release of many peoples justification for owning a Wii; Mario Kart.

Released on every Nintendo Platform made since the Super NES, Mario Kart as been THE pinnacle of cartoon kart racing. There's hasn't been a whole lot of others mind you, but for what there is, none hold a candle to this little Italian plumber and his lead foot.

Zombie Strippers (REVIEW)

August 18, 2006, brought to a culmination one of the longest public production buildups of all time. That day, a literal Internet-craze known as "Snakes on a Plane" stormed into theaters and proceeded to implode under the pressure of unmet expectations. There's a number of reasons that film tanked as hard as it did, but perhaps most prominent among them was the fact that New Line Cinemas had tried to harness nerd enthusiasm (I use nerd here as someone who saw "SoaP" on opening weekend); and nerd enthusiasm should never be trifled with.

Pabst Blue...Coffin? (UPDATED WITH PIC)

Death just got a little more whimsical. Although I currently have to place this in the "pics or it didn't happen" category (updated), ABC News reports that apparently an older Illinois man has purchased a PBR themed coffin, and PARTIED OUT OF IT!

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