Apocalypse Mixtape Part VI: Blood Wings

Reader Farkwit McFakename writes:

Dear John,

Glorious, Slow-Motion Fighting Robots

I used to love watching that old robot fighting show on Comedy Central (BattleBots?). This is a way classier looking (and sounding) version of that goodness.

New Horsebites/Fright-Rags Joint!

Fright Rags and Horsebites have been friends of ours for some time, now, so I'm pleased to highlight their newest collaborative joint! This Killer Clowns From Outer Space shirt is awesome and I think it's definitely worth picking up. I'm hoping to get one of my own very soon!

Grizzly Park (REVIEW)

A group of stereotypical young people are in trouble with Johnny Law. Their punishment? They have to camp out in Grizzly Park for a weekend picking up trash with Ranger Bob. As they head out to the park the headlines report a story about a deranged lunatic who has escaped from the local prison and is at large. Now this gaggle of youth is setting off for the wilderness filled with wild animals and a psychopathic killer.


"Ils" (aka “Them” for those you who struggled through French I) is a minimalist, almost archetypal slasher film. It would be hard to strip this film down any further and still have a feature-length narrative film. In its current bare-bones state the film clocks in at under 80 minutes, which is a godsend for long-film haters in these days when movies adaptations based on cartoons or amusement park rides routinely stretch out to over two hours.

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