Box Office Special - Genre Flick Double Dip

It's a good weekend any time there is a new horror release to check out in the theater. But when there's a new horror release and a high profile super hero movie, well, that my friends is a glorious thing. So it was with much anticipation that I headed to the theater on Saturday to take in "The Incredible Hulk" and "The Happening" in one sitting.

The Happening (REVIEW)

"The Happening" starts on a sunny day in Central Park. People are walking to work, exercising their pets, and generally going about the every day things they normally would. They're all interrupted however by a sweeping wind and a scream in the distance. Immediately afterwards, everyone in the park begins talking strangely, staring in the distance, walking backwards, and eventually killing themselves. Cut to a nearby construction site. A man falls from a high ledge he's working on, then another, then a gaggle all fall to their death as their comrades look on in horror.

First shots of Jason's mask!

Here is the first shot of Jason's mask in the upcoming remake/reboot of "Friday the 13th" currently in production over at Platinum Dunes. I missed this in the news this morning, but I wanted to post it mainly because I really think they nailed it. It's not tiny and eroded like in "Jason Goes To Hell" or "Jason X", and it's not oddly shaped like in "Freddy Vs Jason". This is old school, circa parts 3 or 4, and it's sweet.

I haven't been keeping up with every little detail on this film b/c frankly, it's not all that important. This though I thought was cool. What do you guys think?

Fear Itself 2 Review - Spooked

This is a review of "Fear Itself" Episode #2

Horror Headlines 6/13/08

Happy Friday the 13th folks. Don't forget (as if you could from all the full page popups on other sites), M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening", his first R rated film finds itself in a wide release today. Expect a review this weekend.

I mainly want to report on this movie Murder Loves Killers, Too, because it's continuing the Indie trend of making amazing throwback posters, complete with aged appearance and folds. Also, the movie looks cool, so check the official site at the link.

At this point when I see "Midnight Meat Train" headlines I just know something has gone awry, and my gut hasn't failed me yet. Word today that Lions Gate will be releasing "Midnight Meat Train" in a LIMITED fashion, in only about 100 theaters. From the sounds of it, they didn't want to release it theatrically at all, but they had to in order to fulfill their contractual obligations. It also sounds like they'll be doing one of those super quick DVD releases we've been seeing a lot lately. *sigh*

In Real People News: 

A study has shown that 26% of New York City residents have genital herpes. In related news, the next time the whole BGH crew gets together for a convention Jon's getting his own hotel room.

Wow, as it turns out Bear wrestling isn't nearly as glamorous as it is on television. It mostly just involves lots of blood and girly screaming.

If you're out Mango picking with your children and find a puddle of a "black tar looking substance", don't look up. it's probably the excrement of a man who hung himself days earlier right above where you're standing. Come to think of it, the odds of that happening exactly like that again aren't very good... so you're probably safe.

Ever wanted to read a nauseatingly written account of three Komodo dragons eating a Water Buffalo alive? Me neither, but I've already read it so you're going down with me.

On this day in history: 

1944: The Third Reich fires eleven V-1 flying bombs at England from France. Only four of the Buzzbombs actually strike London, but the Germans will eventually follow that up with another 9,000.

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