Fear Itself 4 Review - In Sickness...

This is a review for Fear itself Episode #4, titled "In Sickness and in Health", Directed by John Landis.

(Jon missed the ep last night and my TV broke so, here's Casey with your weekly rundown)

"In Sickness and In Health"; Maggie Lawson stars as a young bride getting ready for her big day, James Roday her groom to be. As she gets ready for the ceremony a note is delivered to the priest to be given to her. As she steps aside to read her note, a shadow is cast over her wedding day; the card reads, "The Person You are Marrying is a Serial Killer".

Horror Headlines 6/27/08

Variety has announced this morning that a sequel to the Korean film "The Host" has been greenlit, and it will be shot in China (and Chinese). This is a departure of course from the original, which was shot in Korea(n). The article also talks about the dance that a filmmaker in China must do in order to not fall afoul of Chinese censors. Pretty interesting story that we'll definitely stay on top of.

Official "Deathrace" poster. The film from Paul W.S. Anderson hits everywhere August 22nd.

The lineup for the Fantasia Filmfest has been announced, and as usual, it's jampacked with horror stuff. Kind of makes me wish I still lived up North (it takes place in Montreal). The fest will take place in July.

August 14th, 2009 is the official release date for "Final Destination 4", in 3D. I'm guessing lots of people will die in wacky ways and stuff will fly at the audience. You may think I'm being sarcastic but that actually sounds pretty amazing.

So if you're looking forward to "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" like most of us are (good reviews + nonsensical shelving = excitement), than you might have another option. A DVD of the film will be released in the UK on July 21st, as well as a BluRay version. And don't worry about formatting, because most modern computers will play just about anything you throw into them so you should be able to check it out. I say screw whoever is holding the film back in the states, let's import!

It looks like a "Cloverfield" sequel may be on hold, at least for now. Probably a good idea to let the idea sit for a while, even though the first one was so kickass.

In Real People News: 

Britsh school boy hangs himself with his school tie because father takes away his Nintendo Wii game. This is natural selection at it's best people. And from reading all of these "real news" stories from the UK, I'm beginning to think that they're more fucked up than us Americans are... and that's a feat!

Thinking of committing suicide in your garage? That's so last year. This year, at least 18 people have committed suicide in our nations National Parks. If you have the motivation to drive out to the woods to find a nice spot to commit suicide, don't you have the motivation to perhaps make something of yourself? Just saying.

Women swapping sex for tunafish in Paupa New Guinea. Sometimes the stories just write themselves.

On this day in history: 

2001: Police arrest comedian Paula Poundstone in Malibu, California on charges of lewd conduct with a minor. Poundstone's pending criminal trial remains front page news for the next three months, until it is overshadowed by the World Trade Center attacks in September. Soon thereafter, she pleads guilty to a lesser charge, and the details of her indictment are never disclosed to the public.


Most of us love comic books. Who doesn't love FREE comic books?

Warren Ellis, scribe of many comic classics such as "Transmetropolitan" and "Planetary" joins forces with Avatar Press and artist Paul Duffield to bring us this weekly updated free comic in the post apocalyptic land of future London's Whitechapel district.

Someone put out MEGUNICA already!

I promised to post a follow up to Shelton's post about MUTO almost a month ago and I finally got around to it.

Horror Headlines 6/26/08

Sweet "Final Destination 4" behind the scenes video, featuring some stuntwork being done for the race car crash that will (presumably) start the film out. FD4 will be made in 3D and be released later this year or early next.

It turns out that the wait for "My Name is Bruce", Bruce Campbell's "Three Amigos" type film about him being mistaken for a monster slayer, was all for a good cause. Apparently, the studio gave them more money to "beef" up the film, so that it can go theatrical. No word on how wide yet, but this does mean that at least some of you will get to see it in the theater so, good news all around.

Behind the scenes pictures from "Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds". And yes, they still hold the award for best upcoming title. The film will follow a few survivors of the previous film (as well as a few non-survivors, odd enough) who manage to get to a nearby town where they're tracked down by the beasts from the first film. It will star Jenny Wade, Krista Allen, Judah Friedlander, Clu Gulager, Martin Klebba, Tom Gulager, and Diane Goldner.

News on "Alice" today, the adaptation of American Mcgee's (now) old school video game, and shocker (!) it's not good. The film is at a "turnaround" after being dumped by Universal Studios. They have a "very compelling script" that is now looking for a new home, and both Marcus Nispel and Sarah Michelle Gellar are no longer involved. If there's a comparable term in the movie industry to "Vapor Ware", I think it's time to start using it in this case.

First 1-sheet poster for "Quarantine", and it looks as generic and not interesting as the movie itself. Just my opinion people, don't shoot me!

In Real People News: 

Al Quaeda's message is apparently reaching little blond British school boys. The 12 year old was apparently sending "terrorist inspired videos" to his classmates. No word on if the same videos offered his classmates tea and crumpets, but one has to assume.

Woman reports 4 children missing after 4 day crack binge. People who saw her during the binge claim that she threw them out her car window. She says that she's a "good mother" but knows she has a drug problem. I'm not even sure what to say in response to this story.

News bulletin, having sex with a picnic table is illegal. See, you really do learn something new every day. And in case you were curious (and I know you are), the link contains a pretty detailed description of exactly how you would do such a thing.

On this day in history: 

1968: Pope Paul VI declares that the bones of Apostle and first Pope, Saint Peter, were found underneath St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The bones are now housed in Plexiglas containers near where they were found, but some of them are clearly those of domesticated animals.

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