Horror Headlines 7/1/08

Trailer for J.J. Abrams' "Fringe", which will debut this Fall on the FOX network. Looks pretty sweet to me, only a few more months to wait. Although, certain enterprising individuals have pointed out to me that it may be available through other means. I don't know what that means but I think you can figure it out ;)

Pics from Dario Argento's next film "Giallo", also two of the first posters for the flick. At this point, I'm officially going to stop saying "hopefully this is a return to form" for Argento. Based on "The Three Mothers", that ship may have sailed a long time ago.

Charlie Sheen is out of the Twisted Pictures film titled "Tortured", and Erika Christensen has become the first officially cast actor since that news broke. I always thought it was ironic that Sheen would star in a film called "Tortured", if only because of the infamous incident in 1991 where he actually called the FBI after viewing one of the "Guinea Pig" movies, mistaking it for a snuff film.

Declan O'Brien will be directing "Wrong Turn 3", and casting has officially begun. The series appears to be officially moving on without Joe Lynch, who brought the series back to life last year with his DTV sequel subtitled "Dead End".

In Real People News: 

So as it turns out, you really can pick off a bicyclist by throwing your car door open. And, coincidentally, it will only cost you a 110$ fine, as long as you're in Toronto. Good to know, good to know.

Grandfather slays family with an Axe. He warned them there would be consequences if they didn't let him watch Matlock. I guess they've learned their lesson.

I've read some disgusting stories for this site, but this one takes the cake. A Dublin man has been arrested for collecting little boy's urine with the intent to drink it. I'm not sure how he got caught, what with the black duffel bag and Saran Wrap and stuff. That's not sketchy at all.

On this day in history: 

1951: Mary Reeser spontaneously combusts in St. Petersburg, Florida, after taking a couple of sleeping pills and settling down with a lit cigarette.

Box Office Boner - Wall-E

After months of listening to Jon blab about "THE BOX" on the Podcast, I've taken it upon myself to occasionally go out of my way to see at least one blockbuster a month and report back to the Bloody Good Horror nerd cave about whether or not it in fact deserves its accolades. Stay tuned for more!


The Skinny

Diablo III Announced

If you listened closely on Saturday morning you would have heard the sounds of millions of nerds the world over nerd-gasming at once.

Saturday 6/28 Blizzard announced the third title in the Diablo franchise, Diablo III!

Episode 33 - "Ginger Snaps"


This week we get in touch with our inner menstruating lycans with the 2000 film "Ginger Snaps".

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Horror Headlines 6/30/08

The Lost Boys II: The Tribe" will make it's debut at this year's ComicCon. It's worth reading the article at the link just to try and figure out of the poster is seriously as excited about this as he acts. It's bizarre.

First one-sheet for Saw V, which prominently features a man's creepy chest hair. Sweet. The film will be released this Halloween, and this will probably be my last post about it until about a week from release. So, enjoy it while it lasts.

The indie flick "Small Town Folk", starring "Freak Out" star Dan Palmer, is now out in the UK, and has apparently been re-edited for it's official release with extra gore and naked ladies. Can't say they don't know their audience.

Apparently Helena Bohnam Carter, Tim Burton's wife and oft muse, will be joining McG's "Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins". Although I'm very wary of this fourth installment, casting Carter is always a good thing. She got robbed of best supporting actress at this year's Oscars for her performance in "Sweeney Todd". Anyhoo, nice to see her returning to the genre.

In Real People News: 

Nothing like a little bestiality to start out your work week. A 57 year old Tulsa woman has been arrested for making over 150 home movies featuring herself doing unnatural things with three different dogs. The worst part? She was caught when her son stumbled onto one of the videotapes. Should make Thanksgiving dinner rather awkward this year.

The Batman curse continues, as the Batman ride at the Georgia Six Flags has decapitated a 17 year old, who had jumped two fences to get back into the park after lunch. That now makes two people that have died on/because of the same ride at the same park.

Florida man dies after drinking 23 shots of Vodka in 30 minutes. The genius bartender cut him off after 23 shots, at which point the man stood up and promptly collapsed. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

On this day in history: 

1520: Half of Cortez's men are slaughtered by an Aztec mob fater they looted the ancient city of Tenochtitlan. The ultimate irony is that they weren't able to get away due to all of the gold and treasure they were carrying.

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