Blood Bowl Teaser Trailer

Upon hearing the title of this game and watching the first 20 or so seconds of this trailer (counting the 10 seconds of logo bullshit) I thought to myself "mutant league football on a next gen system, finally!" and then I read this silliness...

"The Ruins" Unrated DVD Contest!

From the Press Release:

Horror Headlines 7/2/08

I just woke up to write the news and discovered that the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" movie is on HBO. I'm not sure, but that must be some sort of good omen for the day. So without further adieu, here we go!

Paul W.S. Anderson is in early talks with Sony about doing "Resident Evil 4", which is surprising to me, because I would have thought that he had run out of zombie films to rip off at this point.

"Hellboy" on Inside the Actor's Studio is just as genius as it sounds. "Hellboy II: The Golden Army", directed by Guillermo Del Toro goes wide everywhere July 11th.

NBC's "Fear Itself" anthology, despite sucking. pretty much. every. week, has earned the right to four more episodes on NBC. Apparently the network is taking a "wait and see" approach, not guaranteeing the show it's entire 13 episode run. After the next four however, they'll be over the half way point and more than likely to finish it out. Next week sees the debut of "Eater", which was supposed to be the ep that kicked off the series. That's Thursday's at 10pm Eastern on NBC.

In Real People News: 

Usually when things happen in real life that resemble horror movies it's pretty cool, unless of course that movie is "Inside". Um, yikes.

This guy is apparently a really good ventriloquist, because he was able to convince his neighbors that he was having an argument with his wife, when he was the only one home. When police arrived the man was playing out both sides of the argument (complete with girly voice). He had also broken his own front window and destroyed the inside of the apartment.

If you're looking for a website which offers "Shamanic Services" or "Rune-casting", be careful. You could end up at this place, where you will be beaten, raped, starved, and kept in a dog cage.

People around the world are getting excited for the Olympics in Beijing this summer. Meanwhile, China is frigging imploding from the inside out. It looks like this year the Olympics might actually be interesting.

Want to see what it looks like when a man has his nose chewed off by a Monkey? I didn't either, that's why I'm taking you down with me. NSDB (Not Safe During Breakfast)

On this day in history: 

President James A. Garfield is shot in a train station by Charles Julius Guiteau, a lunatic trying to become ambassador either to Austria or France. Garfield lingers for three months before finally dying. It also starts what was known as the "20 Year Death Curse", in which every 20 of the next 100 years, the sitting president was either assassinated, or shot in an attempted assassination.

Horror Hound Issue #12 On Stands Now

After the last issue inexplicably didn't feature any of my writing (seriously, what was the deal with that?) Issue #12 of Horror Hound Magazine comes back with a vengeance, hitting stands today (Wednesday) and featuring three pieces of my writing. First off, the entire issue is one big tribute to the "Halloween" series (save for part III, which had it's own retrospective a few issues ago).

Hancock Mini Review

Last night I found myself in attendance for a pre-screening for Will Smith's latest flick, "Hancock". As I head into this mini write up, I want to make a point; I went into "Hancock" with little to no prior knowledge or expectations. The trailers have been floating about out there for awhile, I've watched them once or twice, but honestly I never paid much attention.

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