Capsule Reviews: Friday the 13th(s)

I'm in a bit of a bind loyal readers. I literally have over 200 reviews from the old site that I would love to post here. The problem? Well to say my writing during the last life of the site was "bad", is like saying that this is terrifying (ie, an understatement).

Real People News - Seattle Toilets Too Dirty for Crackheads

I usually try to refrain from ultra-short blog posts without a video, but this quote from the New York Times article about Seattle closing their public toilets was more than worthy of a post all it's own...

Friendly Reminders For August

Hey guys, just a few reminders about things currently going on in and around the site.

- If you haven't already, make sure to add us as a friend on Myspace. We're almost up to 1,000 friends on there, so help us reach our goal!

- Don't forget to download any old podcast episodes that you may want to listen too. Each time I upload one from now on, I have to take one offline, so get 'em while they're hot!

Horror Headlines 9/17/08

So, admittedly, the teaser trailer for "Terminator Salvation" does look pretty sweet. Also, casting Christian Bale really gives this film a heck of a better chance of being good. That said, I still can't ignore the whole "directed by McG" thing, so consider my feelings on this project to be "cautiously interested".

"The Mummy: Tomb of Brendan Frasier's Career" has been approved by the Chinese government to play there after a handful of small cuts were requested. Well THANK GOD for that, I was worried there for a second. And so begins our covert plan to take down the Chinese government with awful action movies.

I hesitate to do this, for fear of site reader Tanya's safety, but FOX is holding a fan celebration at the premiere of "X-Files 2: I Want to Believe", on July 23rd at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. If you do attend, don't forget your trample proof suit. Those X-Philes are a pretty dedicated bunch.

"Resident Evil: Degeneration" official site launched. Degeneration, as you may remember, is a fully CGI film from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The film will go direct to video at some point. Right now the site sports a production blog, trailer, and a few other things.

In Real People News: 

Actor and sort of comedian Andy Dick was arrested yesterday, and took one of the greatest mugshots ever. The charges? Well he did have some drugs on him, and groping a 17 year old girl probably didn't help his case either... all outside of a Buffalo Wild Wings. That's really depressing, even for Andy Dick.

Define irony. A gene that has adapted to make African people more resistant to Malaria, makes them more susceptible to AIDS. Well now, that's a hell of a choice, isn't it?

On this day in history: 

1918: With counter-revolutionary forces advancing steadily on the city, the Bolsheviks holding captive Czar Nicholas II invite him and his family into the basement for a portrait. The Romanovs and their servants, expecting a photography session, wind up on the business end of a firing squad. Their bodies are dragged outside and buried in an unmarked mass grave.

Batgirl & "The Dark Knight"

Oh how the rumors are flying! As "The Dark Knight" draws closer, little bits and pieces of info keep popping up. Most of them I have absorbed with an air of quiet disinterest. Sure, I totally want to see this movie. I'm super excited about it. But trailers and posters and stills (oh my!) don't really do it for me. This does.

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