Horror Headlines 6/25/08

The new poster art for "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" is just as sweet as all of the others we've seen, and yet, there is still no release date. However, if you're going to be at Flashback Weekend in Chicago in a few days, it will be screening. We encourage anyone who wants to write a review to toss one our way.

"Land of Canaan" is an Indie thriller about a group of friend who break into a haunted hotel. The film stars Tara Reid, Robert Englund and Dee Wallace Stone. In related news, my script about the horrors of Reid's awful boob job is still looking for funding. Anyone interested?

The Official site for "Prank" is now live. You may recall that "Prank" is a horror anthology with each part being directed by (respectively) Danielle Harris, Ellie Cornell and Heather Langenkamp. You can check out teaser trailers for each story as well as some other stuff at the link.

Richard Kelly's "The Box" is being rumored for a release date of 9/11/09, a full 5 months after it's original release date. No reason as to why, but the first official screening takes place tomorrow, so we'll find out soon enough. The film centers on a couple who are given a box with a button, and are told that if they press it they will receive 1 million dollars, but someone they don't know will die. I still don't know what the problem is here. It sounds like a good way to thin out the dregs of society to me.

Wanna party like it's 1994? Well now you can, by downloading an X-Files ring tone from the official site for the sequel. They updated this weekend with that, plus a bunch of other new material that can all be found at the link.

In Real People News: 

18 year old kid loses his arm to an Alligator bite in the Orlando, Florida area. Serves him right for breaking the one rule about living in this state, DON'T SWIM IN THE EVERGLADES. They call it "Alligator Alley" for a reason... dumbass.

You have to hand it to the Dutch. Not only are they preparing for the end of the world in 2012, but they're pretty optimistic about it. Now THOSE are my kind of people.

I'm not sure what genius came up with the idea of powering ipods with breast physics, but I want to shake his hand. Since this presumably works on bouncing, I guess the members of our "itty bitty titty committee" are going to be left out in the cold. Bummer.

On this day in history: 

1876: General Custer ambushed at Little Big Horn after attempting to slaughter fleeing Indians. He's found naked except for one boot, one sock, and an arrow through his penis. Not to worry though, he would get his revenge in 1982 thanks to Atari.

The Obligatory SAG Strike Blog Post

The prospect has been looming on the horizon for a while, but it appears that the worst may soon come to pass: the Screen Actors Guild may be headed for a strike of their own, just months after the WGA wrapped up its labor dispute. Everything from movie production to the fall TV line-up is now up in the air, and those projects already underway are rushing to wrap things up.

What if? American Dragon Vs John Cena

I haven't posted a wrestling blog in a while, but after reading about Bryan Danielson working a dark match for WWE recently it got me thinking of some marquee matchups and how Danielson may just be the new young star WWE is looking for. Obviously John Cena is the top dog these days, and I was quite intrigued by the fact that Danielson and Cena did in fact meet in a WWE ring 6 years ago on one of their throwaway dark match shows, Velocity. We'll see where this goes!

Midnight Muenster #6


Over at Cinema Fromage, the Mrs. and myself dive into our podcast side project once again!

Midnight Muenster Episode 6 jumps headlong into "Leprechaun's" Mark Jones return to zony horror with 2008's "Triloquist" starring Rocky Marquette and Paydin LoPachin followed by the After Dark Film Fest 2007's "Lake Dead"!

Horror Headlines 6/24/08

You may recall that "Cannibal Holocaust" director Ruggero Deodato is currently working on a new cannibal film titled (appropriately) "Cannibal". Well, it turns out that there's a bit of a hangup. According to Deodato on a recent Italian horror panel, there is one detail in the script that a producer wants him to change, and he refuses to go ahead until he has assurances that there will be no change. Hell, would you expect anything less from the man who filmed a giant turtle being disemboweled on screen? If all gets worked out, shooting on "Cannibal" will start in September.

First concept art for Rob Zombie's "Tyranosaurus Rex". It appears to be every bit as old school exploitation as his first two films. I'm not crazy about it, but the tagline "51% motherfucker, 49% son of a bitch" is pretty amazing.

New "X-Files 2" clip. We're now just over a month away from the July 25th release date

Ray Wise will be returning for "Jeepers Creepers 3". At this point, I'm going to quickly run out of ways to say how uninterested I am in this sequel.

"Hammer" studios in England is full gear back into the genre, on the announcement today that they're starting three new films, "The Wake Wood", "The Resident", and "The Quiet Ones". No real synopses available yet but it certainly signals that these guys are ready to get back in the game after their internet film "Rave From The Grave" debuted a few months back.

In Real People News: 

Killing yourself is one thing, but drowning yourself in a bucket of water... now that takes determination. Of course, the idea of life in prison for a murder might have been just the right motivation I would need in order to pull it off.

It never ceases to amaze me how big soccer is in the rest of the world. Retired soccer God Pele was robbed recently, and when the robbers recognized him they actually gave him some of his stuff back. Apparently even petty thieves love soccer in the Brazil.

1947: Businessman pilot Kenneth Arnold encounters a formation of nine flying saucers near Mt. Ranier, Washington, exhibiting unusual movements and velocities of 1,700 mph. No explanation is found for this first report of flying saucers in the recent era, but it does earn Mr. Arnold legions of skeptics and an eventual IRS tax audit

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