Horror Headlines 7/28/08

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It's probably not a coincidence that my computer refused to play this "Return to Sleepaway Camp" Trailer, but it's okay because I was one of the few who got to see a "sneak peek" of the film at a Fango con about 5 years ago. Trust me, if your computer rebels too you aren't missing much.

I'll let this Arrow article explain all the stuff that's coming out for "The Punisher: Warzone" at Comic Con. I will say though that apparently the director Lexi Alexander has been relieved of her duty, so the studio can revamp the film to take advantage of recent comic book successes at the box office. That should make for a nicely awkward Comic Con panel, since it's already been announced that the director WON'T BE THERE. Ya, this should end well.

The "Watchmen" official site just got a huge update, including blogs, stills, videos and of course the trailer that's been around for a while. I'm still waiting for Mr. Postman to deliver me my copy of the original Graphic Novel so I can see what all the big fuss is about. Expect a report when he finally does.

Blurry footage from Comic Con of "Friday the 13th", the remake. It's actually pretty decent quality, so check that at the link.

New trailer for "My Name is Bruce". The film has been done for a while but the producers liked what they saw, so they decided to go back and beef up the action a bit. It's now set for an October release date, however I'm not sure in what capacity.

In Real People News: 

Midget cat burglar gets caught stealing candy after long run of successful robberies. Best story ever.

Pig with monkey's face born in China, just another in a long line of Ninja Turtle-esque mutations to happen in China in recent months. Expect our Olympic athletes to come back with extra eyes and limbs when they return from Bejiing this summer.

Fat family breaks slide at water park, hurts themselves, blames the park. Welcome to America. More specifically, welcome to Florida. Yup, this happened less than 15 minutes away from where I live. And you people think I'm making this stuff up.

On this day in history: 

1870: Andrew Carr is hanged at Richmond Prison, Dublin. He is dropped from too high, causing his head to separate from the rest of his body -- the greater portion of which twitches for several minutes.

Box Office Special: The Bat Crushes Mulder, Scully

With "The X-Files: I Want to Believe," horror saw its 10th release of the year.

The X-Files: I Want To Believe (REVIEW)

"X-Files" fans rejoice! After a six year hiatus, Chris Carter has resurrected his brainchild from development purgatory and brought it to the big screen for a second time. A full decade after the first "X-Files" film, subtitled "Fight the Future," Carter has returned along with the series's two most important characters: Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

Horror Headlines 7/25/08

"My Bloody Valentine: 3D" has been bumped UP from January 23rd to January 16th, 2009. The move is reportedly to avoid a head to head battle with "Underworld 3", starring "Doomsday" hottie Rhona Mitra. Not much news here I guess, as it just sounds like they're trying to find the perfect date.

This can't possibly be the poster for Paul W.S. Anderson's "Death Race" remake. It just can't. I could recreate that with Windows 95 and that shitty little "Paint" program that came with it.

Official Site for the "Wolfman" remake starring Benizio Del Toro. In related news, the film also stars Emily Blunt, and she's super hot. That is all.

Tim Burton is moving ahead with his version of "Alice in Wonderland", as he just cast Mia Wasikowska as his Alice. Her biggest project to date has been on the riveting HBO show "In Treatment", as an anorexic gymnast. Also, I suppose this means that "American McGee's Alice" won't be happening any time soon.

James Gunn, actress Shawnee Smith and acting coach John Homa will be the judges for VH1's show "Scream Queens". The winner will get a 'major role' on a Lions Gate produced horror film. That could mean a lot of different things however, so I can't necessarily say that's a real "prize".

Leonardo DiCaprio is working with Warner Bro's to bring another "Twilight Zone" movie to the big screen. In related news, this puts him up with Christian Bale on my "man crush" list.

In Real People News: 

Former Apollo Astronaut tells public that there are aliens and that NASA is covering them up. Oh, and he's 77. It would be nice if one of these guys would come out before he's in the throes of dementia. Kind of hurts the credibility a bit.

So apparently a Security IT company has release details of a really scary DNS attack method which was previously unknown to the public, and that it could cause massive internet attacks over the next few weeks. Well, it's been nice knowing you people. Keep it classy.

Good news, The Large Haldron Collider is almost ready to do it's job. And by "job", I mean blast particles together in order to gain insight to what happened moments after the "big bang" created the universe. Oh, and there may or may not be a teeny chance it could create a tiny black hole that could potentially swallow the earth. Scientists assure us that the chances of that happening are minute. Oh, I feel better then (?)

On this day in history: 

1999: Woodstock '99 festival ends in looting and rioting, leaving 12 trailers burned, towers toppled, and several women raped during the course of the show. About 500 state troopers were needed to quell the mass uprising of peace and love, apparently triggered by overpriced vendors and commercialization.

San Diego Comic Con

I'm going to cut right to the chase, I am so pissed I'm not at Comic Con.

Being that I am firmly planted on the East coast, there was never a chance in Hell that'd I'd be able to attend. I've found myself mumbling bitterly every time I've come across anything Con related. On this, the opening day, I am teeming with negative Comic Con 08 jealousy. And it is freakin everywhere!!

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