Midnight Muenster 12

This week on Cinema Fromage's Midnight Muenster we tackle 2007's After Dark Film Fest entry "Crazy Eights" as well as a 2005 indie fright fest "Bloodshed".

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Noriko's Dinner Table (REVIEW)

Sono Sion is a poet and at one time a counter culture phantom hero, of sorts, more in the Bukowski mold than the Ginsberg model from what I can ascertain. His 1997 performance art piece Tokyo GAGAGA was a series of elaborate blasts of protest poetry and performance played out in various high traffic areas of Tokyo. Bold , open, and extemporaneous were all words used to describe Tokyo GAGAGA, they may also be the most apt descriptions of Sono’s break-out film “Suicide Club” (2001). It is a fearless genre-breaker that unspools like a densely layered slam piece.

Absolution for a Templar (video NSFW)

So it seems as if the ol' Knights Templar were not heinous devil worshipping bastards afterall. Those crusading guardians of the grail may have only had it in for Muslims and other communities opposed to the forced Christian colonization of Jerusalem.


Vote Open Source Comics into SXSW!

So here's the deal. I'm a thoroughly modern web guy. I go to monthly meetings of creatives and developers and the most recent meeting produced an idea between myself an a Rails developer that we think has some legs.

Apparently, so does the council in charge of choosing the panels for the next South By Southwest show. If you're just joining us, South By Southwest is an annual showcase of music, movies and interactive design. It started as the Austin Battle of the Bands and somehow grew to become some kind of monstrous industry showcase.

"House of the Dead" is back!

Before you go running of the nearest bridge, I'm talking about the GAME "House of the Dead" and not the film. Turns out the ball is now rolling on "Wii Violence" movement, which you know, is ok by me. Despite my giggles over this trailer, I don't think it's the best marketing strategy to make your in-game footage look as shitty as possible. Either way, I'm sure I'll have a Wii by then so I'll have to give "House of the Dead: Overkill" the old sporting go-around.

Note: NSFW if you work at a church. There are scantily clad ladies swinging around poles!

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