Vote Open Source Comics into SXSW!

So here's the deal. I'm a thoroughly modern web guy. I go to monthly meetings of creatives and developers and the most recent meeting produced an idea between myself an a Rails developer that we think has some legs.

Apparently, so does the council in charge of choosing the panels for the next South By Southwest show. If you're just joining us, South By Southwest is an annual showcase of music, movies and interactive design. It started as the Austin Battle of the Bands and somehow grew to become some kind of monstrous industry showcase.

"House of the Dead" is back!

Before you go running of the nearest bridge, I'm talking about the GAME "House of the Dead" and not the film. Turns out the ball is now rolling on "Wii Violence" movement, which you know, is ok by me. Despite my giggles over this trailer, I don't think it's the best marketing strategy to make your in-game footage look as shitty as possible. Either way, I'm sure I'll have a Wii by then so I'll have to give "House of the Dead: Overkill" the old sporting go-around.

Note: NSFW if you work at a church. There are scantily clad ladies swinging around poles!

DVD Releases for 8/19/2008

While the numbers are low for the New Release Shelf this week, it's still a week to put a hurt on your bank account! With two noteworthy TV Series and a handful of other goodies, it's still a week worth checking out!


30 Terrible Sci-fi Choices

Yahoo users must be idiots. I just had to share my disgust, rage, exasperation and general distaste for this list.
30 Top-rated Sci-fi Films? I think not! Click through and join my rant. I just want to know where "Total Recall" is.

Box Office Special - Questionable Reflection

Alexandre Aja's directorial follow-up to "The Hills Have Eyes", received a lukewarm reception at the box office this weekend. In bringing in just over $11 million, "Mirrors" produced on par with some of this year's previous middling horror releases. While it outdrew films like "Shutter" and "The Ruins", it came in behind January's "Untraceable".

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