All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (REVIEW)

Everyone knows someone like Mandy Lane. The girl who, once awkward and unattractive, comes into the first day of school having gone through a transformation. Walking through the hall as if in slow motion, you can practically hear the mating calls given off from every male in the school, and in today's day in age, even some of the females. The rest of her high school career is spent riding the line, between her new found attention and popularity, and her life long friends left in the dust.

Box Office Special - Unmitigated Fail

$51 million dollars.

That's it. There's the box office report. That's how much the top 12 films combined made this week. Nine films have made more than that in their opening weekend this year.

Horror Headlines 9/8/08

Good news folks, it turns out we're luckier than Tina because Hurricane Ike will not be hitting South Florida this week, so you'll get my news nuggets uninterrupted all week long. Unless of course you hate me, in which case this is probably the worst news ever. Sorry guys ;(

According to every other horror site, I'm supposed to be really excited whenever Rob Zombie releases a meaningless drawing that's sort of inspired by his new movie "Tyrannosaurus Rex", that oh yah, no one really knows anything about. As you can see, it's working like gangbusters.

Shocking, the role of Malachai in the "Children of the Corn" remake is going to someone who is neither as scary nor gingery as Courtney Gaines, who played him in the original. Apparently even the Scifi channel isn't beyond casting ridiculously model looking people in every role they can.

Peter Blocke, one of the former champions of horror at the now 'fallen from grace' Lions Gate, has reportedly started his own label with the sole purpose of releasing genre fare. The company is called "A Bigger Boat", from the infamous line uttered by Roy Scheider in "Jaws". One of their first projects is "a John Carpenter directed thriller" titled "Dark Corners".

"Evil Dead: The Musical" to be turned into a 3D film? I can't even begin to explain to you how much this hurts my head. I mean the idea of the musical sounded good, but I'm just not convinced. Plus, how can they possibly have the rights to do this?

More word from Harold Raimis on "Ghostbusters 3". Essentially, if everything works out, than it will be an Apatow produced film where the original crew will serve as "mentors" to a new group of younger Ghostbusters. It's still in the scripting/deal stages at this point, so nothing is set in stone. Ramis also mentions that Bill Murray has agreed to appear in "some capacity", so take that for what you will.

In Real People News: 

It's a sad day when Mexican drug smugglers are better at public relations than our own government. Maybe we should send these guys to the Middle East?

Wallabys are terrorizing Australians! And here I am without a Dingo joke, imagine my luck. The source link comes complete with hilariously ominous shot of Wallabies giving the evil eye.

Snotty teenager has bizarre alcoholic concoction in Crete, head swells to twice it's normal size. Complete with "haha!" picture at the link.

On this day in history: 

1966: Star Trek debuts on NBC, with the airing of an episode titled "The Man Trap." The science fiction show proceeds to suffer in the ratings against established sitcoms Bewitched and My Three Sons.

Final Girl Film Club: The Food of the Gods

This is another entry in the always exciting Final Girl Film Club. Click the link to see what all the other cuckoo nutsos are saying.

Episode 40 - "Basket Case"


Basket Case puts a smile on our faces, and Mark makes us all uncomfortable with the Google report.

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