Rumors of a Real-Life "Purge" Spread Nationwide, Let's Do the Responsible Thing By Repeating Them

Over the past day or so, several cities and towns (including Chicago!) have been put on high alert, fearing that people intend to re-enact the violent, lawless "Purge" period from the movies. Although it seems like the initial hoax has been called out, Twitter rumors are persisting.

Album Review: Crimson Shadows - "Kings Among Men"

Toronto’s Crimson Shadows understands their genre better than most. Melodic metal, even when crossbred with other subgenres, has always faced the criticism that it’s difficult to take seriously – the music isn’t dark enough, the message not bleak enough to accommodate a ‘discerning’ metal fan’s taste.

Play Pinball With The Walking Dead! No, really!

Do you sit in your living room on Sunday nights thinking, "You know what the Walking Dead show needs to really put it over the edge? More Pinball." ? Well guess what, you're in luck!

Get Ready for More Claustrophobia With the New Trailer for "The Pyramid"!

Do you like dank, dark holes in the ground?  Do you enjoy that crushing weight of thousands of pounds of rock looming over your head?  Do you think the sound of skittering beasties off in the distance of pitch black corridors sounds great?  You're going to love "The Pyramid"! 

Screen Junkies Honest Trailers - "Ghostbusters"

Ready for a laugh this morning?  Check out Screen Junkies Honest Trailer for "Ghostbusters"!

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